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Traumatic Brain Injury... The Silent Epidemic
   © 2004, Mary Anne Lessley

Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is sometimes referred to as the silent epidemic, and for good reason. "Traumatic Brain Injury" seldom is a diagnosis after an impact to the head, especially if the impact does not result in a physical disfigurement. Only after months—sometimes years—of frustration and feelings of inadequacy, does it become apparent to the victim that he or she can no longer function as efficiently as before the accident.     
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Traumatic Brain Injury... The Silent Epidemic—and the Silent Impact on Family Life
   © September 2000 and February 2004, Mary Anne Lessley, with Sonja Lessley
     This story is shared in the spirit of October as Brain Injury Awareness Month. It is the collective perspective of a mom (Mary Anne) and sister (Sonja) of a 27-year old brain injury survivor. Though painful to write this story, it is our deepest wish that all of us become more educated to the reality that brain injury IS such a silent epidemic. Even among family members, we're often unfamiliar with the symptoms, don't know how to help, where to get help, or that we should and can get support. Sonja and my husband and I feel strongly that if people were aware of the symptoms—realizing that every brain injury survivor is affected in a unique way—people would be more compassionate toward those with whom we cross paths and who appear very normal but are discounted as really weird, strange, or are too slow in responding, learning, or getting it.
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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Lost and Found
   © Cheryle Sullivan, September 2002

For 16 years I have been a Family Physician, the first ten primarily in solo practice in Michigan. In 1996 I moved to Colorado to work for a non-profit HMO so I could spend more of my time doing what I loved, preventive medicine and patient education activities. I just finished a rare 5-day recreation weekend at a friend’s mountain cabin at Grand Lake. On the drive back to Longmont, I decided a few ski runs in the fresh powder at Winter Park would be a great end to the trip. On my first run I fell backwards, hitting my helmeted head on the icy ground under the new powder and “rang my bell.” Little did I know that this accident, which seemed minor at the time, was the beginning of a new journey for me.
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