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Mary Anne's Background

Background As an Organizing Specialist

People become professional organizers for many reasons! These are mine:
I have always been frustrated with the papers, papers, papers that just seem to appear in my life, in my past as well as today—from the daily mail, college classes, committee work, personal interests out of control, children's school papers, personal records such as birth certificates. And don't forget those warranties!

After experimenting with and creating solutions for my own filing and paper management systems, I developed some basic concepts that I have been customizing for hundreds of my clients' individual needs since 1983. Ultimately I documented the concepts for the filing and paper management systems in my co-authored book File Anything In Your Home ... And Find It Again! © 1996, Mary Anne Lessley & Katherine D. Anderson.

In addition, because I have lived in every kind and size of home—from college dorms to apartments to homes, upsizing and downsizing—I have developed techniques for utilizing storage spaces and living environments effectively.

...Creating Paper Management & Space Planning Solutions That Simplify Life!

Background in Addressing Traumatic Brain Injury Organizing Issues

Through the years I have worked successfully with many traumatic brain-injured (TBI) clients, customizing solutions for each person's unique needs. I initially became interested in organizing for TBI issues because of my personal involvement with two family members who suffered acquired traumatic brain injuries (ATBI).

One person, seriously injured, ultimately overcame numerous cognitive functioning challenges, some of it the result of using the personal organizer forms I had created. These provided easy-to-view visuals and multiple clues for recording appointments; using to do lists; recording, remembering and tracking important information.

The other person, with a seeming insignificant injury, continues to struggle with executive functioning issues after more than fifteen years. Apparent reasons include the location of the brain injury suffered, and the person having no perspective of "life before injury," thus seeing no need for learning coping skills that would make daily life functioning a less difficult experience.

Personally understanding the impact of traumatic brain injury—as the silent epidemic—on lives of survivors and their families has motivated me to continue to learn, and to create...

...Customized Solutions for Clients' TBI Organizing Challenges!


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