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About Mary Anne :: An Introduction

Just as it is important to have confidence in one's physician, the same should be true in working with a professional organizer. Considerations include education, organizational philosophy and compatibility with your personality and style.

Therefore, it is appropriate in making inquiries to professional organizers to consider each organizer's working style and/or philosophy, background, appropriate professional associations, and professional experiences before making a decision. Sometimes, it is even appropriate to work with more than one organizer—possibly one who specializes in addressing one organizing need, and another person who works in another specialty. Other professionals work as "generalists" and can successfully address a wide range of organizing needs.

In order to help you assess what your specific needs are, you might begin with the Solutions Worksheet. It will methodically guide you through a wide range of organizing issues that I would be happy to address with you. However, you may discover that your needs really dictate your working with someone who specializes in organizing issues that I do not address.

For example, because I don't work with corporate level organizing issues, you would need to research further to find someone who does. Yet you might engage my skills if you also have a telecommuting employee whom you suspect needs some assistance with his or her home office. Or you may need assistance in assembling your memory books. In that case, I couldn't help! Yet, if you suspect your inability to organize and complete any project might be the result of a seemingly insignificant accident—maybe falling off the top bunk bed when you were a child—then I would gladly work with you on that aspect of your organizing challenges, helping you to learn some coping skills for setting priorities, getting started, organizing techniques, pacing, following through, etc.

Also, be sure to evaluate my Working Style (my philosophy of organizing), Background (my reasons for becoming an organizer), and Professional Profile (my professional experiences) in making your decision. If what you read seems complementary to your needs, then Let's Communicate, either by mail, email, or phone, to discuss possibilities for...

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