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File Anything in Your Home...and Find It Again!

File Anything In Your Home ... And Find It Again!
© 1996, Mary Anne Lessley & K. D. Anderson

File Anything in Your Home... And Find It Again!File Anything In Your Home... And Find It Again! is a self-guided manual for setting up a complete system for the management of household papers and information. The concepts for the system can easily be used for a business, committee, or any other purpose where many different types of papers need to be kept organized.

The concepts in the book describe a system that Mary Anne Lessley has developed through her extensive work with clients since 1982, and in making presentations to numerous get organized workshop participants. During the process of writing this book, Lessley and her co-author found that the already effective organizing system was defining and refining itsself within the pages, creating an easy-to-read manual with an understandable system to set up. It is presented to you as a time-tested system for storing, and then retrieving, all the papers you wish to keep in your personal management system.

File Anything in Your Home... And Find It Again!Some of the Features...

  • full-sized, 8-1/2" x 11", 272-page comb-bound format—for easy viewing while setting up the system
  • printed tabs for the hanging folders are included in the book!
  • a categorical system for filing papers that
    ...places papers together, in like categories
    ...simplifies the finding of filed papers
    ...everyone in the household can understand and use
  • viewing the manual in an open position, turned towards any of the filing pages, is visually like looking at an open file cabinet!
  • designed with both left- and right-brained readers in mind:
    ...concepts presented in graphic format as well as detailed text descriptions,
    ...readers can either pick any "problem areas" of interest and read about them, or they can start at the beginning and proceed through the manual, whichever is more effective!

ISBN 0-99651552-1-8
Retail Price $22.95



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