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How To Use An Organizer

Do you find that other choices for Personal Organizers just don't have what you are looking for? The "package" others offer doesn't have a specific type of organizing that you need? Then, Designs by Mary Anne...Customized By You! binders and forms are a solution to your personal information organizing problems.

Designs by Mary Anne..Customized by You! are personal organizing products created especially to work together to provide you with the ultimate in customization and choice. Choose only those binders and fillers that meet your exact needs. Choices include: �����������
-Three sizes of binders, with a complete selection of forms to fit either size �����������
-Several calendars; choose from monthly, weekly, and daily formats
-Three kinds of address forms
-Four kinds of notes in full-page sizes, or in short-form size�which layer to show headings -Tabs: monthly, alphabetical, 22 pre-printed divider tabs to choose from, or design your own! �����������
-Seven different ways to organize and protect cards and information. �����������
-Matching clutch purse organizers, key organizers, and checkbook holders.    

Just some of the ways in which to use a personal organizer are:
 -Keeping sports statistics
 -Address book
 -Tracking billable hours
 -Vacation and travel diary�
 -Recipes and coupons organizer
 -Crafts and supplies organizer
 -Tracking time on task
 -Business expense diary�
 -Sight-seeing & tourist attractions
 -Mileage and repair record�
 -Recreation binder: skiing, golfing, rodeoing, etc.
 -Class organizer for students

How To Use a Weekly Planner
Used in conjuction with a monthly calendar, it takes just 10 minutes to plan the week ahead by following these 5 easy steps:
1) Review the week's appointments as you copy them from your monthly calendar. The expanded format allows you to add appointments and commitments as they come up.
2) Carry forward any "To-Do's" that might be left from the last week. Group activities to see what needs to be done and to allow you to manage your time efficiently.
3) Decide what your overall goal for the week is and write it in the space provided. Keep this goal in mind as you complete the week's planning and see how quickly goals are achieved!
4) Schedule into your week at least one activity that leads toward your goal.a phone call to make.and errand to run.the starting of a project.the writing of one letter.
5) Schedule other activities. Remember to schedule personal time or time out.

Why All Those Rings? And Why the Short Forms?

The number of rings helps the forms stay in place better than a binder with only 3 or 5 rings. Layering, or reverse shingling, the short forms allows you to see the heading, category or name at the top of each short page. Update add, delete or replace the information of any short page. Other information remains--does not have to be copied. Organize information by grouping it under headings, and find it again easily and quickly. Choose your own headings. Find new uses for short forms!

Some examples of headings:
 -To-do section of a business organizer might have:
     -Letters to Write
     -Prospects To Call
     -Clients To Call
     -Projects To Work On
     -Networking Contacts to Make
 -To-do section for home management might have:
     -Books To Buy
     -Grocery List
     -Gift Ideas
     -Birthdays/Anniversaries This Month (or Week)

The list above is only the beginning...your organizer can have as many sections it needs because it is Customized By You! Let Designs by Mary Anne...Customized By You! binders and forms be a solution to your personal information organizing problems!

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