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Books & Products

File Anything In Your Home... And Find It Again!File Anything In Your Home... And Find It Again!

This easy-to-read book is a self-guided manual for setting up a complete system for the management of household papers and information. The concepts for the system can easily be used for a business, committee, or any other purpose where many different types of papers need to be kept organized. Read more about it!

Designs by Mary Anne...Customized By You!

Designs by Mary Anne... Customized By You!Do you find that other choices for Personal Organizers just don't have what you are looking for? The "package" others offer doesn't have a specific type of organizing that you need? Then, Designs by Mary Anne...Customized By You! binders and forms are a solution to your personal information organizing problems. Designs by Mary Anne..Customized by You! are personal organizing products created especially to work together to provide you with the ultimate in customization and choice. Choose only those binders and fillers that meet your exact needs. Choices include: (see complete list at the left of the page for more product links)

  • Three sizes of binders, with a complete selection of forms to fit either size
  • Several calendars; choose from monthly, weekly, and daily formats
  • Three kinds of address forms
  • Four kinds of notes in full-page sizes, or in short-form size�which layer to show headings
  • Tabs: monthly, alphabetical, 22 pre-printed divider tabs to choose from, or design your own!
  • Seven different ways to organize and protect cards and information
  • Matching clutch purse organizers, key organizers, and checkbook holders.



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