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For your employees who are:

> homebased or telecommuting
> diagnosed traumatic brain injury (TBI) challenged with executive functioning issues
For you if you are a:
> home manager
  or have a...
> homebased business;
  service rep. / distr. office;
  telecommuting office;
  creative studio or center
> professional office
  or are...
> challenged with executive functioning issues

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...for your employees who are homebased or telecommuting

To be an effective telecommuter or homebased service provider, distributor, etc., requires a lot of discipline to set up and keep "business hours," to use office hour time effectively, to create a dedicated business office or work center, to develop filing and paper management systems that contribute to the profit line of the organization for which he or she works.

Through many years of working with clients, I have observed some major organizing issues for some employees who work independently, away from a central business office:

  • Undefined business hours
  • Intermingled home and business documents, information, equipment and supplies
  • Inadequate business filing and paper management systems
  • Undesignated work area—either a dedicated office or work center—for
    conducting business
  • Inability to design, set up, and organize an efficient business office or work center
  • Inability to set up separate home and business environments
  • Inability to separate home and business issues into appropriate time periods

If you suspect that one of your employees is in this situation, you can be certain that this person is spending at least 15 minutes each time he or she needs to search for important information, documents, or things! This situation, translated to dollars and cents, means that you are paying wages and salary for a substantial amount of non-productive time.

Often, the solution is simply for a professional to work with the homebased or telecommuting employee. As an organizing specialist, I can help your employee to:

  • Determine priorities and develop skills to use his or her time effectively
  • Create an efficient working environment and use space effectively
  • Set up a customized filing and paper management system as needed, or refine one already in place
  • Determine home and personal factors which distract your employee from "business at hand" and develop strategies and solutions to eliminate the non-productive activities during business hours.

Although my co-authored book File Anything In Your Home ... And Find It Again! was written specifically for setting up a filing and paper management system for the home, the concepts explained can be translated easily for setting up any other filing system. And if preferable, I'm happy to phone coach your employee through the process.

Together your employee and I will create effective and efficient...

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