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For your employees who are:

> homebased or telecommuting
> diagnosed traumatic brain injury (TBI) challenged with executive functioning issues
For you if you are a:
> home manager
  or have a...
> homebased business;
  service rep. / distr. office;
  telecommuting office;
  creative studio or center
> professional office
  or are...
> challenged with executive functioning issues

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...for your employee diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI)
challenged with executive functioning issues

If your employee has been diagnosed with an acquired, traumatic brain injury (ATBI) with executive functioning deficits or certain cognitive deficits relating to organizing skills, I can work with him or her to learn strategies for coping with organizing challenges.

Whether he or she...

  • Has been diagnosed recently, or in the past,
  • Is working in your facility, is homebased, or is telecommuting,
  • Is receiving, or could benefit by receiving, services through the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in the areas of personal adjustment training or job coaching,

I am happy to work with your employee to...

  • Design, develop and set up both a customized filing system and a paper management/paper processing system that accommodates special needs;
  • Create an effective physical environment that minimizes distractions and frustrations;
  • Design and assemble or update a personal organizer/planner system that supports appropriate and realistic executive functioning—setting realistic goals, planning, scheduling, completing activities and projects; or
  • Develop techniques for self-monitoring time use: initiating, getting started, tasking, pacing, staying focused, following through.

Together, you, your employee, and I will discuss issues, evaluate needs, determine realistic solutions. Your employee and I will implement paper management, paper processing, space planning, possession organizing, and time management systems that will enhance organizing and executive functioning skills...

Solutions To Meet Your Employee's Special Needs!

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