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For your employees who are:

> homebased or telecommuting
> diagnosed traumatic brain injury (TBI) challenged with executive functioning issues
For you if you are a:
> home manager
  or have a...
> homebased business;
  service rep. / distr. office;
  telecommuting office;
  creative studio or center
> professional office
  or are...
> challenged with executive functioning issues

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....for you as a home manager

As a home manager, you have countless responsibilities to your family members, to the place you call home, to you yourself! Whether you are a full-time home manager, or juggling home with another career inside or outside the home, the responsibilities can equate to overwhelming.

For those who have a career outside the home, with life at home chaotic or out of control, statistics indicate that a great deal of time at work is spent thinking about the responsibilities of home and family. Focusing on home issues at work will dilute the effectiveness of completing work responsibilities, with the tapes playing over and over: "I forgot to look for Danny's vaccination records."; "I wonder where I put Judy's birth certificate?"; "I have to pay that overdue utilities clue where it could be."; etc.

So, if you are...

  • Frustrated with the paper clutter and stacks of "stuff";
  • Tired of all the 15-minute searches for everything from keys to bills to pay to clothes to wear;
  • Wishing the storage spaces would straighten up and expand;
  • Disappointed that the customized closet system just doesn't work;
  • Needing some quiet time "just for me";
  • Exhausted from juggling personal, home, and/or work schedules...
Let's work together to create your pleasant home environment and management center by...
  • Updating your current system for tracking appointments, family and work schedules, and personal and work information for effectiveness;
  • Developing a customized filing system that is usable by all family members for your home/tax, home management, family records, personal interest papers;
  • Creating a bill-paying and paper-processing work center;
  • Expanding the use of space you already have, or making the new system work for you;
  • Learning techniques to get started!

Pre-planning, plus sorting and organizing papers and possessions into easy-to-use paper management systems, useable by anyone in the family—all of this can create a tremendous sense of calm and provide opportunities for enjoying life to its fullest.

Depending upon your time and budget available, I can either...

  • Work side by side with you every step of the way;
  • Show you the steps to get started on your filing and paper management systems, and sorting and organizing your possessions;
  • Complete the systems for you, or:
  • Coach you by phone to help you transform your home to pleasant, efficient, effective!
Or read the book... Whatever your preference, wherever you live, I'm happy to help you implement...

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