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About Mary Anne:: Working Style (and Philosophy of Organizing)

First and foremost, please know that I am mindful of the fact that an initial communication may be a very difficult step for you. It certainly was for me when I finally admitted that I needed organizing help with issues that were out of range of my expertise, and as important, time available to complete the project. I felt vulnerable in making those admissions! Yet, in working with someone whom I respected, I could acknowledge my organizing talents and accept my organizing deficits and inability to "do it all." I also discovered that a colleague could provide a fresh, realistic perspective and a new and complementary set of organizing skills.

In working with you...

If you consider "it" to be important, then it is my goal to offer suggestions until you are comfortable that workable solutions have been verbalized that...

  • Create "homes" that make sense to you for all the "its" you wish to save, whether documents, possessions, mementos—a filing system for papers, storage spaces for possessions, a management center for daily paper processing;
  • Address your executive functioning challenges related to organizing deficits caused by traumatic brain injury—development of skills for setting realistic goals, planning, prioritizing, scheduling, pacing, focusing, following through, getting started!
  • Develop living skills that minimize daily life management frustrations;
  • Simplify, organize, and utilize storage spaces and living environments effectively
  • Provide you opportunities to learn skills and techniques and concepts that translate to solutions for future organizing challenges.

Let's discuss the possibilities of my working with you...

  • If you qualify to receive training through the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and could benefit by assistance in personal life management training, independent living skills, or job coaching;
  • If you need assistance in re-learning organizing and/or life management skills because you have been in an accident and are covered through an insurance claim.

In addition...

  • As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), I subscribe to and honor the NAPO Code of Ethics.
  • Your phone call, letter, or email is the first step toward...

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