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For your employees who are:

> homebased or telecommuting
> diagnosed traumatic brain injury (TBI) challenged with executive functioning issues
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> home manager
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> homebased business;
  service rep. / distr. office;
  telecommuting office;
  creative studio or center
> professional office
  or are...
> challenged with executive functioning issues

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Studies indicate that many individuals often spend from 15 minutes to 2 hours a day searching for everything from keys and other possessions to important papers and documents.

Just one 15-minute search a day results in a substantial amount of lost time—91 hours per year in non-productive use of time, lost wages and salary, and sheer frustration. Individuals who experience frequent searches throughout the day become overwhelmed and possibly immobilized.

Out of my own frustration with papers, papers, papers, and stuff, stuff, stuff, I developed the concepts for both a comprehensive filing system and for sorting and organizing everything from papers to personal, office, and household possessions. After solving my own organizing issues, I began helping others—since 1982—working with clients in a wide range of careers and working situations.

   •  artists   •   crafts persons   •   writers   •   creative individuals in whatever career!

home managers...
   •  of one-person to many-person households

   •  business owners   •   independent distributors   •   service providers   •   telecommuters

professionals in offices...
   •  computer support services   •   education   •   human resources   •   ministries
   •  pharmacies   •   sciences   •   theatre   •   agriculture   •   and many others!

Using the basic concepts, I work with my clients to customize the filing system and other paper management systems for their specific needs. Together, we also might address the issues of space planning for efficiency, and organizing possessions—to contribute to a productive, comfortable work environment, and/or a pleasant living environment in which supplies and belongings are stored, retrieved again without stress, used, enjoyed!

In addition, I assist individuals with special organizing needs, specifically individuals challenged with executive functioning issues related to organizing skills, often caused by an acquired traumatic brain injury (TBI).

If your organizing needs fall within the range of the services that I offer and you would like additional information, then Let's communicate to discuss... Solutions to Simplify Life!

And if you prefer to set up a filing and paper management system yourself, the filing system and other paper management concepts are documented in my self-guided, co-authored book:

File Anything In Your Home ... And Find It Again!

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